Jordin Sparks is all grown up! The multi-platinum singer, actress and cook joins KG Smooth from the Houston BMW Studios and details not only love but her love story of how she met her husband Dana Isaiah and their instant connection, writing their love song with “Deja Vu,” stepping out with a major concert with the Indoor Waterpark Resort in Round Rock, Texas, raising her two-year-old son in the pandemic, her new EP Sounds Like Me, doing a virtual Thanksgiving day parade and more!

“I went down to Houston, we were shining some light on an organization that were making a difference,” Jordin tells KG. “We realized they were really good people and that we would be back. About a month later my mom hits me and says, ‘Hey, would you want to do a group chat with Bridget and her son? He’s about to move out to LA. He doesn’t know anybody out there and needs some advice. Are you willing?’”

She continues, “I wasn’t willing to give out my number to anybody at the time but for some reason, I said, OK. And my mom and his mom put us on a group chat and that’s how we met. We then jumped to another text thread and never stopped talking. We started talking in March, met in April, got married in July and we found out we were pregnant at the end of August! So really fast. But, I knew … I knew soon as I opened the door this was it. He’s everything. I know in my bones he’s the one I’m supposed to do life with.”

You can check out Jordin this Thursday (November 26) at this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

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