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Megan Thee Stallion’s name is continuing to make headlines. This time, it’s not for her music. Off the heels of her clothing launch with Fashion Nova, the award-winning rapper has been accused of stealing another Black woman’s designs, and downplaying it when it was brought to her attention.

Megan’s Fashion Nova collaboration broke records with a whopping $1.3 million in sales on the first day. In an interview with The Morning Hustle, Meg talked about the success of her new album, how she handled the pandemic, and her Fashion Nova collection. As they discussed the success of the line, Hustle host Lore’l asked for clarification around the claims that some of the clothing designs were stolen from other boutique designers.

In response, Megan denied the claims that she stole designs from anyone. “A lot of times people will say they talked to my team…I don’t know what year that was,” says Megan. “They will never talk to me about it and I’ve never seen the [designer’s] dress before.”

“It’s a dress that has been done a lot over the years. I feel bad that people’s initial reactions are to just come at me, like, you are a Black woman stealing from Black women,” she continued.

Aazhia, one of the designers in question, caught wind of the interview and shared a few choice words with the rapper via her Instagram page.–Y0RA0Ym/?utm_source=ig_embed

With passion, Aazihia voiced her disappointment in Megan and her response to the situation. “I just seen this interview with Megan on the morning show, and I’m vexed because it’s condescending, it’s disrespectful, it’s hypocritical. Everything she said was addressed towards me when we were talking about multiple boutiques,” she vented.

“Don’t sit in that interview and act like you don’t know what’s up. And discredit me, and condescend me. Because if it really was about a sisterhood and about protecting black women, there’s a way you could’ve went about it,” she continued.

Aazihia feels she deserved recognition and a shout out as a way to smooth things over with the stolen designs. I hope these ladies can work out their discrepancies in a way that honors both women. If Aazihia’s work was in fact stolen, she should be compensated. It is important to note that Fashion Nova has a documented history of replicating designs without authorization from the owner. The brand has found themselves in a lot of legal trouble over the years due theft accusations.

What do you think? Are you team Megan, team Aazihia, team work ‘this out in the name of sisterhood’, or team ‘them are rich folk problems and I don’t care’?


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