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This has not been the best year for single people to get a date.  Some people are willing to relocate to cities that show more promise when it comes to the dating scene.  A new study ranked the 182 biggest cities in the U.S. from the best place for single people to the worst.

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According to WalletHub, the rankings are based on 32 different factors including the percentage of single people . . . the gender ratio . . . the number of people using online dating . . . and the cost of things like dinner, drinks, entertainment, and rent.


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And because it’s 2020, they also included the state’s coronavirus restrictions in the calculation . . . the fewer the regulations, the better the score.  That’s right:  Less regulation equals more dating opportunities.  It’s a difficult time to be single.


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Anyway, based on all of that, the five best cities for singles are:  Madison, Wisconsin . . . Atlanta . . . Denver . . . Salt Lake City . . . and Columbia, South Carolina.


And the five worst cities are:  Glendale, California . . . Brownsville, Texas . . . Pembroke Pines, Florida . . . Warwick, Rhode Island . . . and Laredo, Texas


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