Spotify's Roll Out New Personalized Wrapped 2020 Experience For Users

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It’s that time again when Spotify users flood your timelines, letting you know what songs, artists, and podcasts they have been listening to religiously all year long thanks to its annual Wrapped installment, but this time it comes with some new twists.

Following the reveal of the year’s top music and podcasts on the service, today Spotify announced a more personal experience for users around the globe. This year’s wrapped experience will deliver the insights on artists, songs, genres, and podcasts that you enjoyed throughout the year, but this time in a stories-like feature.

The new Wrapped 2020 experience can be viewed via the Spotify app on iOS and Android devices. Per a press release, this is what Spotify users can look forward to from Wrapped 2020.

  • Diving even deeper: We’re introducing even more exciting Wrapped features to give users an even deeper look at how they listened this year. Here’s what’s new:
  • With new in-app quizzes, listeners will test their skills at predicting the top podcasts, artists, and even top decade they streamed most. 
  • Follow your top song’s journey through the year with Story of Your 2020 with your Top Song – from its first stream to its 100th stream to some of the notable streams in between.
  • An even deeper look into how users listened to podcasts, including how many minutes were spent listening and the most binge-worthy podcasts of the year.
  • Exclusive to Premium users, new badges will crown listeners as Tastemaker (X of your playlists gained X new followers)Pioneer (You listened to X song before it hit 50,000 streams), or Collector (You added X number of songs to playlists this year) based on various ways users listened.
  • New personalized playlists to help you make the most of what you listened to this year: Your Top Songs, the songs you loved most this year in one convenient place, to Missed Hits, our Wrapped discovery playlist where we recommend popular similar 2020 releases you didn’t listen to that we think you might like. Plus, listeners in the US, UK and Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada can dig deeper into some of your top artists of 2020 in On Record, a mixed-media experience that highlights your top 2020 artists.
  • Fighting FOMO: To fight the FOMO non-users feel each year, we’re opening up the world of Wrapped to everyone – Spotify user or not. With access to Spotify’s global listening trends, non-users can join the conversation that wraps up our year in streaming. Check out the new experience at, compatible with both web and mobile web.
Spotify Wrapped 2020

Source: Spotify / Spotify Wrapped 2020

Spotify announced that it would also be rolling out Wrapped creator experience that will breakdown for Podcasters and artists how listeners engaged their content.

To learn more about Wrapped 2020, head here.

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