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Source: nford / Radio One

The year has been a lot for everyone and for some cities more than others. As the number of deaths continue to grow in the city of Columbus, Community Leaders are urging the people to stop the violence.

No one wants to celebrate the record number of homicides growing in the city everyday. Community leaders like Sean Stevenson are working tirelessly to help stop the violence. They spoke with 10tv new.s ,and said that they believe it’ll only get worse.

“Im not trying to beat a record in homicides, so why not bring it dow all together?” said Stevenson

They received a data sheet from the Division of Police that showed 75.2% of the victims area black, and 81.4% os the suspects are black as well. These number were predicted from Stevenson and Ephraim Laidley Jr.

A different pattern f temperature, education, environment, health and economics may all be contributing to these homicides.

Element of Change is a non-profit that Stevenson and Laidley Jr. created to being upon change in the streets of Columbus.

So what needs to happen next, the Stevenson and his partner said that all community leaders need to come together, and WORK!

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