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Big day coming to the city of Columbus regarding downtown parking meters! Parking downtown is already hectic and if you’re in a rush who has time to swipe a card or put in change into the meter.

According to 10tv, the Mobile Payment App, ParkColumbus, will be changing the rates starting Feb 24th.

There will be a new meter structure and time limits at more than 2,800 downtown meters.

This will be the rates used at all metered parking spaces downtown.

New Changes below:

  • Value meters at 50 cents per hour with no time limit
  • In demand meters at $1 per hour with a 3-hour time limit
  • High turnover meters at $1.50 per hour with a 30-minute time limit (75 cents per 30 minutes)

So not too bad of rates, but be sure to have that ParkColumbus app handy.

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