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“I feel really good … I’m a little overwhelmed thought,” Jazmine Sullivan tells KG Smooth during the beginning of her Zoom interview. “I haven’t seen all this interaction in regards to me in a minute but I feel really good for people to appreciate my efforts and understand my vision and it feels good.”

The Philadelphia singer has been working since the release of 2015’s Reality Show to the point where people consistently clamoured for her voice and her sound. But a breakthrough came towards the end of 2020 with the release of the single “Lost One.” Weeks later, she released “Pick Up Your Feelings,” an uptempo drive about empowerment.

Heaux Tales, the 14-track project which arrives on Friday (January 8) isn’t only about Sullivan’s voice, but the voices of numerous women who at time have been different facets of love and affection. Of heartbreak and wonder. Of having to move forward in order to not glance at the broken pieces wondering if those are the right ones to fix.

SItting with KG Smooth from the Houston BMW Center Studios, Sullivan remarks on the love she has for fellow singer Ari Lennox and how fans are probably going to see more from them, how Ari’s tale helped influence one of the more talked about singles on the record (“Put It Down”) and more.

“That was a bit of a stretch!” the singer exclaimed about a certain lyric from the song. “I was adding to the character but good peen will make you acting outside of yourself! That’s kinda the point of it. You can be dickmatized depending on the guy if he knows what he’s doing and he knows how to work it and a lot of women have experienced that.”

She continued, “Ari starts off her tale off telling us about a time in her life when she was with this guy and he could have got her to do anything because the sex was so good. Now will I pay your bills because the sex’s so good? That’s a stretch!”

Watch the full interview with KG below as the two discuss the album further, how fans would have reacted if she didn’t have a collaboration with Lennox, working with H.E.R., Sullivan’s vocal favorites and being compared to the greats and more.

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