The former Wildin Out star now is taking his comedy chops on the road.

We miss seeing Darren Brand aka Big Baby on MTV’s Wildin Out. However, he is still making us laugh on social media, with his Basic To Bougie Youtube series and now as a stand-up comedian.

Big Baby was in Columbus to perform at the Funny Bone in Easton. Before he killed the stage he stop by to chop it up with DJ Mr King and CeCe, having them weak with laughter.

King and CeCe ask Brand about his pet peeves doing stand-up, which one of the battle rappers (Hitman Holla, Conceited, Charlie Clips or Charron) he can beat in a battle rap, his Big Baby Buds strand of weed he will be releasing in 4/20 and more.

Be prepared to laugh yo ass off!


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