As the unrest of a pandemic, and civil uprise was sweeping the streets on Columbus, a lot of folks decided it was time to armor up. It would only make sense that once you see chaos break out you take the next step in purchasing a fire arm in order to protect yourself and loved ones.

NBA Youngboy arrest

Source: Baton Rouge PD / NBA Youngboy

According to all across the world a survey has shown that there is an increase in sales of guns, the average rate is up 60%!

Owner of L.E.P.D, Eric Delbert has said that before the pandemic they would slap about 10 guns a day, and now in the past couple of months some days they’ve sold 150. An industry report shows that 8.4million people were first time buyers of guns in 2020 .

Delbert agrees that new gun owners were the cause for the increase in sales, and gun shortages.

Do you plan on purchasing a weapon, or are you a gun owner?

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