At many schools across the country students are finding themselves in debt. The debt is piling up from students eating lunch everyday. The lunch debt thats building up is making some school officials take matters into their own hands.

The Wellington Exempted Village School District superintendent reveals that an investigation is currently underway to determine why a cafeteria staff member took a lunch away from a middle school student, who allegedly owed $6.40.

Superintendent Edward Weber is clearly unhappy about the events that unfolded and mentioned that their policy actually allows students to run a credit up to $20.

“This should have never happened,” said Weber. “The student went through the line, got his lunch, sat down and started eating. The staff member then took his lunch. That should not happen.”

There is video of the incident, which is being used in the internal investigation taking place and the staff member could face discipline.

The student’s parents are also very upset about what happened and says the child is embarrassed.

“I just hope it gets handled properly and not swept away,” the father said.

Source: NBC4i 

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