Hey Im just here to do my part, and hopefully these few ideas may help when it comes to managing your childs frustration.

I am a woman but mother directly after and honey it is rough. However being a mom of a 7 yr old and 6 month old, I have my own experience.

One way I try to manage my 7 yr olds frustration is I Allow him to act it out, whatever it is he feels i remind him that emotion and feeling is real and for him to be in that moment, but to also lithium know it won’t last.

Other times I may have him Count to 10 to calm down. Then I may Encourage him to talk to home during his frustration, and find ways to relate to him.

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Each child is different and they have different triggers!!! Knowing those trigger stay help to assess was to manage their frustrations. For example, Elijah(my son) throws the biggest fit about losing in FORTNITE, and stomping his feet, yelling. This is a moment I use to talk him through it, and relate a moment of me losing and how I was so upset.

However if he keeps it up, than that game time is going to be over!!

Here are 5 proven ways to help manage your child frustration.


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