I just love being a mother and I feel as if I may have a knack for babies!

Well since my youngest is almost 7 months old I am still introducing him to news foods, new taste and new drinks.

Kids At The July 2018 KYS Block Party

Source: Brian Stukes / On-SiteFotos.com

Yes, it can be tough getting your baby to try the food, but there are a few options out there that may help. So check these out below go through them and see what works for you and baby. Remember to always be patient and do it with a smile.

  1. Make a funny noise, facial expressions, when feeding your baby
  2. Make it into a game and do a quick trick to get baby to open their mouth and in comes the food
  3. Try to feeding them in smaller portions
  4. Use foods you know they like, sometimes mix it newer foods
  5. Wait until baby is a little more hungry and wants to eat

This is all Tea from us momllinneals from me desk, lol!

What are some things you do to help your new baby try food??


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