Have you made up your mind yet on whether or not you will be getting the Vaccine? many Ohioans are gearing up for the next round of vaccines to come out and if your wondering if you’re eligible, check out the list from the Columbus Dispatch. 

So right now, Ohioans age 60 and older and those with certain conditions or professions that put them at risk of contracting COVID-19,  can receive the vaccine. Also pregnant women, and those who have Type 1 diabetes, those who have ALS, law enforcement, child care, and funeral service employees can receive the vaccine.

People in those categories stated above are around 246,000 people, they make phase 1C, which includes professions and health conditions that put individuals at risk of COVID-19.

The sooner we are rid of this disease the better.

Ohio Next Round of COVID Vaccines, Who Will Get Them?  was originally published on mycolumbuspower.com