Interestingly enough, a Teen Vogue staffer who opposed the hiring of former editor-in-chief Alexi McCammond, was discovered to have tweeted the n-word three times over 10 years ago.

Christine Davitt, who works as a senior social media manager for Teen Vogue called a white friend the n-word in two posts on Twitter in 2009, reports Fox News. “I love the contradictory nature of the phrase ‘white n—a,” she wrote in a third post written in 2010.  Davitt identifies as having white and Filipino ancestry.

Since her past racist tweets were revealed, Davitt has changed her social media accounts to private.

Davitt was among more than 20 Teen Vogue employees who posted a letter to Twitter advocating for McCammond’s firing after social media users re-shared McCammond’s past homophobic and anti-Asian tweets from 2011.

“We’ve heard the concerns of our readers, and we stand with you. In a moment of historically high anti-Asian violence and amid the on-going struggles of the LGBTQ community, we as the staff of Teen Vogue fully reject those sentiments,” the statement reads. “We are hopeful that an internal conversation will prove fruitful in maintaining the integrity granted to us by our audience.”

Earlier this week the publication announced it decided to part ways with McCammond, heightened by the mass shooting in Atlanta that left eight people dead, six of which were of Asian-American women. Pressure also mounted after two major companies suspended their ads.

McCammond, a Black journalist who grew acclaim over her coverage of the 2020 presidential election, was announced the publication’s new editor in early March. She became the third Black woman to lead the publication in a field that routinely struggles with diverse voices. Her announcement to resign occurred just days before she was slated to take the editor-in-chief position.

After the announcement, Davitt wrote, “‘[Exhales the deepest sigh I’ve ever sighed],” on Twitter. She also liked different tweets defending the publication’s decision.

According to Fox, neither Teen Vogue nor Davitt could be reached for comment.


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