After Sanford city commissioners voted “No Confidence” on Police Chief Billy Lee, the lead investigator is facing losing his job. As of right now, Lee remains in his position, but the city manager gets to make the final decision on whether or not Lee will maintain his position.

If it wasn’t for the NAACP meeting aimed at addressing allegations of police misconduct in the community, the “No Confidence” vote would have never happened or even been considered. Sanford Mayor Jeff Triplett was in the hot seat and had to answer questions from outraged community members and various media outlets.

All signs point to a botched investigation from the start. Even the “Stand Your Ground Law” is being widely misused. Florida State Representative Dennis Baxley, R-Ocala, one of the original sponsors of the law, says, “There was nothing in this statute ever intended to protect somebody who was pursuing or confronting other people.” That alone should arrest George Zimmerman and fire Billy Lee.

Watch the video below.

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