The scammers are definitely up right now and winning! According to hundreds of thousands of unemployment claims have been filed since January. A number of these claims have been flagged “under suspicion of fraud”.

Ohioans know it is fraud when they of to their mailbox, and find a U.S. Bank ReliaCard, with thousands of dollars on there in benefits they never applied or, like Susan.

“When I opened these, I was concerned,” Susan said

When she noticed there were more than one card being sent to her mothers vacant home on the north side, she knew it was fraud, and was unable to contact ODJFS, so she called 4

“You could understand maybe one mismailing, but no,” Susan said.

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ODJFS confirmed that the cards were the result of fraud — people using another person’s identity to file a claim, but the debit card ends up at the victim’s home because the address is associated with their information.

The card issuer, U.S. Bank, offered these steps as to what should be done if someone receives a ReliaCard in a stranger’s name:

  • Disregard the activation instructions. An attempt to access funds secured through fraudulent means exposes you to criminal prosecution.
  • Report it to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, either by phone at (833) 658-0394 or online.
  • Report the error to U.S. Bank.
  • Anyone who’s received a card for benefits that they did not apply for should destroy the card.

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