According to, three beloved gorillas at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium are heading to an undisclosed new home.

Silver back gorilla

Source: Alan Tunnicliffe Photography / Getty

The Zoo says silverback Oliver, and females Nadami and Dotty, will be moving soon from Columbus to their new location.

A spokesperson said they’re not disclosing the new home’s location yet, but “will provide updates about their arrival once the receiving zoo has welcomed the gorillas and shared the announcement with their community.”

Zoo officials say the new location is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. In addition, two Columbus Zoo animal care team members, a member of the facilities team and a staff veterinarian will travel with the gorillas to ensure they arrive safely.

The move is meant to maximize genetic diversity and increase the population of endangered species in human-run facilities. Fourteen gorillas will remain in Columbus.

If you have plans on visiting the gorillas, visit them too, before Oliver, Nanami, and Dotty head to their new home.

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