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Meairra Mansara and her boyfriend Juwan Davis were enjoying a romantic date night on Friday when they were targeted in an act of gun violence in broad daylight spurred by misogynoir.

According to Atlanta’s CBS 46, Mansara and Davis were the victims of the violent attack while they rode scooters Friday morning on Northside Drive near Mercedes-Benz Stadium when a man attempted to catcall her from a Black Dodge Charger.

Both Mansara and Davis attempted to ward off the man’s advances. But the already uncomfortable encounter turned near fatal when the man pulled out a gun and fired five times at the couple as they attempted to avoid the shots. Mansara was struck in the leg, the bullet shattering her tibia, while Davis sustained no physical injuries.

“From the distance I see someone go down,” eyewitness Samuel Savage said described moments before he sprung into action to assist Mansara. “It was really heartbreaking. She was screaming, she was crying, and she kept grabbing her phone to call her mom.”

Mansara was attended to by firefighters and EMS workers once they arrived to the scene.

Mansara’s mother told CBS46 that she’s looking at six weeks of recovery and a permanent rod placed in her leg.

“It’s definitely a cowardly act to try and shoot somebody just because they don’t want to talk to you,” Leshon Jones, an Atlanta resident who heard the shots, told the outlet.

Police are actively investigating the shooting in hopes of bringing some semblance of justice to Mansara and her family.

Mansara’s unfortunate attack is another visceral reminder of the targeted, yet often ignored violence Black women often face.

“Black women face a particularly high risk of being killed at the hands of a man,” a report by the Institute for Women’s Police Research reads. “A 2015 Violence Policy Center study finds that Black women were two and a half times more likely to be murdered by men than their White counterparts. More than nine in ten Black female victims knew their killers.”

Her story proved erringly similar to a New York woman who was assaulted in January after she rejected a man outside a Harlem liquor store. Police captured one of the men involved weeks after community members marched in the streets advocating for justice.


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