Marsha B boho locs review

Source: Ambitious Shooters / Ambitious Shooters

In March of 2020, I started using rice water to grow out my hair. Over a year later, I’ve maintained some serious hang time. With the spring season in full bloom, I decided to get a jump start on my protective styles. Typically with longer hair I’ve resorted to top knots and ponytails, but this time around I wanted to switch up my look.

After chatting with Meghan Good on how she started the goddess locs trend, I figured I should give the style a try myself. I’m no stranger to loccs. For approximately 5 years, long honey blonde locs were part of my natural hair journey. Once my mane got too long and started to pull my edges, I made an executive decision and combed out my locs.

Natural hair retailer Boho Locs gifted me with a package of their Beach Hot Fudge Mermaid Locs ($177.00, I was excited to experience hair nostalgia with the install of my 22-inch, light-weight faux locs. Although the packaging says the you can have an effortless crochet done in 2-3 hours, mine took closer to 7. Between bathroom and food breaks, partnered with typical stylist/friend banter, we finished later than expected.

Marsha B boho locs review

Source: Ambitious Shooters / Ambitious Shooters

The Boho Locs hair came with hair jewels that accentuated the style. I kept it light by adding the gold beads, hoops and white shells. The package also came with loose hair that can be crocheted in to give the full boho look. I asked my stylist to braid the loose hair instead of having it blend in with the locs. Because the hair is synthetic, I was worried about it looking worn out after a few days.

I must say the response to my new style was overwhelming. I gave a sneak peak of the look on my Facebook page and I was met with endless compliments. I took a quick weekend self-care trip to Florida and people stopped me on the streets to ask about my hair. The reaction to my locs made me miss my old hairstyle. Although I combed out my locs because the hair was too heavy, I quickly noticed that this wasn’t a problem I had with my faux locs. Talk about light weight hair! There was no tugging or pulling on my edges, there was no added weight on my neck, and honestly speaking they felt lighter than a set of box braids.

Marsha Boho Locs review

Source: Ambitious Shooters / Ambitious Shooters

Another great thing about this style is that I can keep it in for about 6 weeks. Because I’m hyper concerned about weighing down my edges, I will likely rock my faux locs for a month. Overall, I am beyond pleased with my hair but I am not looking forward to taking these bad boys out!

I’m not sure what style I’ll try next, but I feel an Angela Bassett thigh-length braid loading soon. Let me know what you think!


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