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Mother’s Day just got real peachy as Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey has put a new twist on the yearly tradition. The model, actress, and mother recently debuted her new Mother’s Day specialty drink, the ‘Momosa’, which is perfect for any Mother’s Day-inspired brunch. The Bellini-style cocktail is made with Seagram’s Escapes Peach Bellini and infused with juicy peach and tart orange flavors and, of course, was created by wine-enthusiast Cynthia Bailey herself. The simple recipe is easy enough for anyone to try and is a tasty upgrade from your regular mimosa. To create the ‘Momosa’, simply combine 2/3 Seagram Escape’s Peach Bellini Flavor, 1/3 Sparkling Wine or Champagne, and garnish with berries or the fruit of your choice, and voila, you’ve created the ‘Momosa’!

We recently sat down with Cynthia to discuss her new tasty brunch cocktail, beauty secrets, and her proudest accomplishment as a mother. Check out our interview below!

HelloBeautiful: What inspired you to join forces with Seagram’s Escapes?

Cynthia Bailey: I started working with Seagram’s Escapes in 2018. I just loved that they were a female-focused brand that really wanted to empower women. They are all about women empowerment, female entrepreneurship, and giving back to the community. It was a really natural fit for me, and a “win-win” since both brands stand for the same things. Together we launched my signature flavor – Peach Bellini – in 2019! Since launching, it’s become a top favorite with Seagram’s Escapes drinkers!

HelloBeautiful: Will you be sharing a Momosa with your daughter now that she’s 21?

Cynthia Bailey: I will be sipping Momosa’s with my mother and siblings on Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, my daughter will not be in town, but we plan on celebrating the next time we are in the same city together. Now that she is 21, we will definitely have some Momosa’s on deck to enjoy together, as Mother’s Day can be celebrated any day and any time.

HelloBeautiful: You’re known for changing your hair often, what has been your favorite hairstyle to date?

Cynthia Bailey: I love when I rock my big Afro! It always make me stand out from the rest of the ladies and it always looks powerful, stylish, and chic.

HelloBeautiful: Your modeling and acting career spans over 30 years. What are some of the biggest beauty secrets you’ve learned and kept with you over time?

Cynthia Bailey: When it comes to beauty and fashion, I have learned that “less is more” and to keep it simple and timeless. My successful modeling career definitely prepared me to transition effortlessly into my acting and reality star career. It afforded me a great sense of personal style, professionalism, great work ethic, and even how to do my own hair and makeup if necessary. These tools have been invaluable to me throughout my career as a model, actress, and “housewife”.

HelloBeautiful: You’ve expanded your business to include wine, sunglasses, and bags. What’s next for your brand?

Cynthia Bailey: I am interested in developing my own skincare and makeup brand or partnering with one that shares the same beauty philosophies as I do. After spending so much time working from home during the pandemic, I am also interested in the home and lifestyle space.

HelloBeautiful: When you were first pregnant, how did you grapple with putting your career on hold to have a baby

Cynthia Bailey: While I was pregnant, I was actually able to work throughout most of my pregnancy. I just transitioned from regular modeling to plus-size modeling. Then once I started to really show, I modeled for pregnancy ads, editorials, commercials, and campaigns.

HelloBeautiful: How do you balance motherhood and personal life?

Cynthia Bailey: Noelle is 21 years of age now and requires less of my day-to-day attention. While I will always be her mother and available to her, being her mom is less demanding as she is navigating her own life.

HelloBeautiful: What was the proudest moment you had as a mother?

Cynthia Bailey: Watching Noelle grow up to be the smart, classy, and ambitious young lady that she is today. I have always raised her to be an independent thinker and to follow her dreams. She has done just that.

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