Calling all beauty aficionados! We know how much you love to stock up on your essentials without having to spend all of your coins. Since it can be a pain to sift through the sales that pique your interest, this Memorial Day 2021 we’ve got you covered. From Black-owned and founded brands to the beauty must-haves that you can’t function without, we’re here to hold your hand virtually as you shop til’ you drop.

Aside from getting your BBQ fix during the holiday, Memorial Day Weekend comes in major clutch on the shopping front. And if you’ve been eyeing pricey haircare kits, body care finds, and grooming tools to keep your look together, there are various sales in the beauty space that you’ll like to look into.

In the spirit of getting you ready to shop Memorial Day Weekend beauty sales without breaking the bank, we’ve compiled a list of 13 brands you must shop. Grab your credit card, secure a Wi-Fi connection, and get ready to stock up on your favorites. Here is our list of Memorial Day Weekend 2021 Beauty Sales. Happy Shopping folks!

1. My Secret Scent Body Lotions

My-Secret Scents

Source: Brand / My-Secret Scent

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Dry, ashy-looking skin is not welcome here! Instead of using lackluster lotions that momentarily provide moisture, step up your game with the help of My Secret Scent’s Body Lotions ($28.00/each, These offerings work wonders to seal in hydration and keep your skin moisturized for the long haul. This find is available in three scents: Oatmilk and Honey, Pumpkin Spice, and Creamy Coconut. Enjoy 15% off with code BEAUTY until 6/1.

2. Rucker Roots

Rucker Roots

Source: Brand / Rucker Roots

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You can never go wrong by showing your mane TLC on a regular basis. And thanks to Rucker Roots, you can maintain a top of the line haircare routine without the fuss. From shampoos, deep conditioners, styling mousses and complete haircare systems, this brand is delivering it all. Enjoy $10 off site wide from 5/25 to 6/1 (excluding liter sizes). No code needed.

3. Pear Nova

Pear Nova Collection

Source: Brand / Pear Nova

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The right manicure and pedicure can easily elevate your overall ensemble. And if you’re a beauty lover that enjoys using the finest nail lacquer and gels in your nail grooming routine, nothing comes close to Pear Nova. This brand offers vegan, cruelty-free, and 10 free polishes that provide a luxurious aesthetic that simply can’t be beat. From 5/28 to 5/31, enjoy 20% off of everything excluding new releases. New customers receive a free cuticle oil with their purchase. No code required.

4. Curls Dynasty

Curls Dynasty Regimen Builder Bundle

Source: Brand / Curls Dynasty

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Serve up curls that the girls will love with the help of Curls Dynasty. This brand understands that curly hair requires extra attention to look and feel its very best. And with a line full of nourishing essentials, hair vitamins, and oils, your hair journey will be left in great hands. Enjoy 25% off the ENTIRE site on 5/28 to 5/31 with code Flash25.



Source: Brand / Bevel

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Cancel the appointment with your barber. Bevel is here to help guide you through the grooming process with ease. Boasting a collection of skincare and shaving essentials, your skin will sport a fresh out of the barbershop finish without the long wait time. Enjoy 10% off site wide at Target from 5/30 to 6/5. No code needed.

6. Glow By Daye

Glow By Daye

Source: Brand / Glow By Daye

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Haircare goes beyond using the right products in her wash day routine. The right accessories also play a role. And with Glow By Daye’s line up, you can shop heat conditioning caps, silk pillowcases,soft hooded dryer attachments and more to do the work post-washing. Enjoy free shipping on any 2 Glow By Daye items (excluding disposable caps) from 5/29 to 5/31. Use code 2DAYE.

7. PAPR Cosmetics

PAPR Cosmetics

Source: Brand / PAPR Cosmetics

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Sustainable beauty lovers, this product may become your go-to pick. PAPR Cosmetics offers a wide range line of vegan and aluminum-are natural deodorants. There’s a huge debate surrounding aluminum-formulated antiperspirants being linked to numerous conditions and cancers — even though science doesn’t fully back up those claims per Heathline. So, if you’re committed to using all natural deodorants that are great for the environment and your health, Paper Cosmetics Deodorants ($14.00/each, is the way to go. Find them in five scents in: Bright Shiny Morning, So Hot Right Now, From Dusk Til Dawn, Coastal Forests and the baking soda free option Sensitive-Bare Naked). Score 25% off of all products from 5/28 to 5/31.

8. Glammed Naturally Oil

Glammed Naturally Oil Hair Kit


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For folks that have trouble keeping their strands moisturized, a hair oil may be what’s missing from your routine. And that’s where Glammed Naturally Oil comes in. This brand offers the best of the best in haircare essentials all made with natural and organic ingredients. Plus, this product line goes the extra mile to help tackle dandruff, scalp irritation and hair loss with ease. Score 20% off the entire site from 5/29 to 5/31 with code FREE20.


9. Dosso Beauty Pre-Stretched Hypoallergenic Braiding Hair

Dosso Beauty Pre-Stretched Hypoallergenic Braiding Hair

Source: Nigil Crawford / Nigil Crawford

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Nothing is worse than getting your hair freshly braided all to experience persistence itching. Of course, you’ve likely washed your hair pre-styling, but it’s super common to deal with itching no matter how diligent you are with your routine. This is where the Dosso Beauty Pre-Stretched Hypoallergenic Braiding Hair ($4.99-$5.99, works in your favor. This lightweight braiding hair provides a soft texture, is flame retardant and allows you to hot set your style with ease. Not to mention, itchiness will be the least of your worries and you won’t have to worry about wasting excess hair. Available in single color and ombré, your next braid style will level up your look. Enjoy the Buy 3 Get One 1 pack for free from 5/28 to 6/1.


Curls Blueberry Bliss Wash Day Bundle

Source: Brand / Curls

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There’s a reason why the Curls brand continues to be a mainstay in the textured haircare community. Not only does their product line cater to all natural hair types, these products are made with certified organic ingredients that can help rejuvenate your mane. You can enjoy 25% off site wide all day on 5/31 with code Thankyou25.

11. DreamGirls Signature Healthy Hair System


DreamGirls Healthy Hair Care System Starter Kit

Source: DreamGirls / DreamGirls

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Growing long, healthy hair is not an easy task for us all. Whether you’re dealing with conditions like alopecia or stress, gaining the healthy hair you want can sometimes feel like the ultimate challenge. However, the good folks over at DreamGirls are committed to helping you get your hair game on track with the Healthy Hair Care System Starter Kit ($125, With a system that addresses all of our concerns, you’ll have the hair you’ve been dreaming of in no time. So for Memorial Day Weekend 2021, enjoy 20% off the signature kit from 5/30 to 5/31.

12. Curl Daze

CurlDaze Curl Kit

Source: Brand / CURLDAZE

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If Curl Daze has not been on your radar, it’s time to get acquainted with the brand. Founded and created by researcher Robyn Atwater, this natural hair brand incorporates unique Ayurvedic remedies that are used to help grow and nourish all hair types. With a selection of everything from hair creams to styling tools, you can count on this collection to live up to the hype. Curl Daze is offering 25% off all day 5/31. No code needed.

13.Lucid Bliss

Lucid Bliss Haircare System

Source: Brand / Lucid Bliss

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Give your strands the ultimate treat with the help of Lucid Bliss. This line is formulated with good-for-you ingredients that come together to provide the optimum environment to promote healthy hair growth. Since it’s easy for your hair routine to fall off track due to everyday styling, the environment, and health conditions, this brand steps in to save the day and your hair. See what all the hype is about with 20% off all sets from 5/28 to 5/31.


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