Additional video footage detailing the brutal death of Ronald Greene paints an even more horrifying reality of what transpired on the night of May 10, 2019 when he was beat to death by Louisiana State Troopers in an act of state-sanctioned violence during a traffic stop.

On Monday Greene’s family lawyer civil rights attorney S. Lee Merritt shared body cam footage of a supervisor arriving to the scene and encouraging the officers “they did a good job,” while they electrocuted, beat and dragged the 49-year-old Black man to his death outside of the city of Monroe.

The video’s release comes after the Associated Press obtained a 46-minute clip and released the video to the public last Wednesday. According to the outlet Greene was stopped for an unspecified traffic violation and refused to stop which prompted a pursuit by police.

“Officer, I am scared. I’m your brother. I’m scared,” Greene can be heard saying in one of the clips. An officer than places Greene in a chokehold and punches him in the face while another officer calls him a a “stupid motherf—-r.” Greene is tased repeatedly and beaten. At one point the state troopers use sanitary wipes to clean their hands covered in blood.

“I hope this guy ain’t got f—— AIDS,” one trooper says.

During this time Greene was left unattended without aid for

“What I did see was him, he was behind the steering wheel and the film footage was from the passenger door looking in, and he was attacked from thereon,” Greene’s mother Mona Hardin told CNN. “What I saw was that he was not meant to leave alive. He was going to be killed.”

Greene’s family has filed a federal wrongful suit, in an act of attempting to secure justice after urging for transparency around the case. The family claims law enforcement authorities told them Greene died in a car crash, while a local parish coroner ruled his death was accidental as the result of cardiac arrest.

State Police eventually released a one page statement claiming that Greene died on his way to the hospital after engaging in a struggle with officers.

In total, the suit also concludes that several parties participated in a complicit coverup in the events leading to his death.

To date no charges have been filed against the officers involved in his death. One of the troopers, Chris Hollingsworth died in a car crash last year, while another officer, Kory York, was suspended, but restored to active duty.

A GoFundMe page launched by Greene’s sister Dinelle Hardin has raised over $31,000, just $4,000 shy of their goal.

“The coverups and roadblocks were ALL set before us by the state of Louisiana at every angle. It has been a constant uphill battle to get exposure on Ronnie’s case,” the GoFundMe page reads. “Seeing the last painful moments of his life has been so horrific and gut wrenching. Since day one, this has taken a toll on our lives but has also given us FIRE to keep FIGHTING systemic racism along STATE SPONSORED VIOLENCE!”

The GoFundMe also emphasizes the emotional and financial strain Greene’s death has had on his family left behind.

“We’ve been investigating this case using our own personal resources and this has caused a great strain financially,” the fundraiser continues. “We’re also seeking assistance with travel expense (including lodging/meals) and Self-Care, which includes mental health and trauma counseling.”


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