It seems as if every day another black person is dying at the arms of a Cop. I remember this shooting like it was yesterday, police thought when they rode pass that he flashed a gun, and when Goodson went to enter his home he was shot in his back. In no way shape or form was Casey Goodson a thereat to police. But keep in mind those are my thoughts, on the situation, and they’re probably yours too!

Now according to the Columbus dispatch the Franklin County Sheriff’s SWAT deputy Jason Meade, who fatally shot Casey Goodson Jr. in December, plans to retire next month.

Sheriff Dallas Baldwin’s office confirmed Friday afternoon that Deputy Jason Meade will be leaving on disability retirement, effective July 2.

Jason is a 17-year veteran, since the shooting has been on administrative leave since the shooting.

A statement prepared by him goes like this “Law enforcement disability decisions are governed by state law and made by the pension system,” Baldwin said. “As sheriff, I have no control or input over what the pension system decides with this or any other disability case.”

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