Keeyahri Luxury Shoe Brand Debuts the Sarah Jakes-Roberts Summer 2021/2022 Shoe Collection

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Sarah Jakes-Roberts is known for dishing out some powerful words of encouragement.  The bestselling author, minister, business woman, and media personality can deliver a dynamic, faith-filled message that forces thousands of women to repost her content constantly to their social media accounts.  And while she’s delivering these thought-provoking sermons and speaking life into souls, you better believe her fashion is anointed as well.  

Intertwining faith and fashion is Sarah Jakes-Roberts mode of operation.  It is nothing for her to appear on stage in a fierce pants suit or pray for those in need while donning an eye-catching dress with matching stiletto heels.  Her fashion is just as important to her ministry as her work is, and this aspect makes her a favorite among those who follow in her footsteps.  One luxury shoe brand owner, Keya Martin of Keeyahri, admires Jakes-Roberts’ belief in the faith and fashion correlation so strongly that she developed a shoe collection called ‘Sarah’.  

Keeyahri Luxury Shoe Brand Debuts the Sarah Jakes-Roberts Summer 2021/2022 Shoe Collection

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Martin shares the same belief as Sarah Jakes-Roberts, which is that faith and fashion should co-exist.  Inspired by Jakes-Roberts stylish looks and colorful personality, she created a mule to embody both. Martin stated, “I like to honor strong, fashion-conscious women in my collections.  When I thought of this collection, Sarah Jakes-Roberts is the first person who came to mind. I believe the vibrant colors and unique design embodies Sarah’s personality.  Women who want to sport a laid back yet glamorous look will love this collection.

Dubbed as The Perfect Summer Mule, the Sarah shoe is made of genuine Nappa leather that features a padded insole, asymmetrical toe, and Keeyahri’s signature Hiroshima Chapel-inspired heel.  It comes in black, yellow, orange, and green.  Sizes range from 6-12, and the shoe price is $659.  

Pre-orders for the fall colors (red, brown, blue, and beige) will begin in Mid-June.  The estimated delivery for the summer collection is July 27.  Visit to check out the Sarah Summer 2021/2022 collection and more.      

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