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Wiz Khalifa just jumped in on the bonnet conversation in a way we didn’t see coming. While celebrities like Mo’Nique and Tiffany Haddish declare war on bonnets in public, the rapper is discovering the joys of the protective headwear. Khalifa wore a bonnet to protect his locks overnight and his life has been changed. The cannabis enthusiast was so excited, he posted a picture of him rocking the beloved hair accessory on Twitter.

I slept wit a bonnet on last night to keep my locs out my face and these things are amazing. I never used one for obvious reasons but i see why chiccs dig em so much,” he wrote.


Fellow members of bonnet gang shared their enthusiasm by tweeting photos of themselves rocking their bonnets. “Bonnets for the win,” one user wrote. “Bonnets been a wave, gotta get over them gender limits,” wrote another.

Bonnets have been in the headlines as of late thanks to the social media debate if they should be worn in public places like the airport or grocery store. Mo’nique boldly questioned when “young sistas” who wear bonnets in the aforementioned places lost respect for themselves. In our own interview with Tiffany Haddish, she agreed with Mo’Nique’s comments and also stated her opinion,

I ain’t going to lie to you, I run out in the streets in my bonnet sometimes just to run to the store real quick but we got to have some dignity in ourselves. When you dress a certain way, it tells people how you feel about yourself.

Toya Johnson flipped the entire bonnet conversation on its head (pun intended) when she fabulously rocked a bonnet from her Before Bed Headz collection in a luxury editorial shot outside Neiman & Marcus.

It’s safe to say, bonnets are here to slay.


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