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Lizzo can do no wrong in my book, so when I was invited to a virtual workshop “My Hair, My Crown” by Dove where the Rumors pop star would make a surprise appearance for a crowd of young girls at the Boys and Girls Club of Harlem – I eagerly RSVP’d. As expected, the girls were overjoyed when Lizzo appeared on screen rocking a fro adorned with butterflies – very befitting for the hair event.

Lizzo beamed as she shared how she eventually learned to love her natural hair especially after growing up in a household with family members who had long hair. “Their hair grew down and curly in mind grew up in kinky so I used to look at their hair and I used to think that their hair was beautiful and that mine was it,” she shared.

With the rise of social media and the Internet and the subsequent beauty movements that have evolved, a young. Lizzo was able to see herself in natural hair influencers. “Now that I have access to all of these wonderful natural hair care influencers on the Internet and on social media, I see my hair is beautiful now like beautiful hair is healthy hair to me.”

Despite her confidence, that keeps us motivated at times, the singer and flirty flutist struggled to accept her kinks. “There were plenty of times, where I was like almost embarrassed or ashamed to show my natural hair.”

She also revealed one of the biggest stereotypes she’s faced as a plus size woman with natural hair, is the belief she couldn’t cut her hair because it wouldn’t compliment her body shape. When she was younger, she said she was told, “you need to have big hair because you’re a big girl so when you have big hair and your big girl and makes you look snatched but, and I believe that for a long time.”

So she clapped back by boldly rocking a pixie cut. “I’m going to rebel against that, and I still look beautiful lately i’ve been doing a short pink hair or short green hair and that’s to show you that my hair and my body look good, no matter what.”

Leaving the virtual event with sound advice. Lizzo encouraged the young women watching to “love” and “listen” to their hair.

In other Lizzo news, her new single Rumors featuring Cardi B drops on Friday.


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