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Republican leaders wasted no time letting their hypocrisy show. After New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo put in his two weeks’ notice, Republican elected officials gleefully posted about how great it was that Cuomo was held accountable.  

But the former president and the unofficial party ruler had more than twice as many allegations against him, ranging from sexual harassment to rape. Members of the Grand Old Party overlooked Donald Trump’s lewd comments and countless examples of abuse of power.  

Raw Story reported freshman Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert got a major clap back on Twitter after she tried to talk trash about Cuomo. Boebert quipped about one less pervert around, which is a wild flex when her husband was accused of exposing himself to teenage girls in public. 

The irony of cheering for accountability after aiding and abetting the subversion of Democracy. The House GOP Conference Chair Rep. Elise Stefanik, a New York Republican, tweeted Cuomo needed to be prosecuted. Stefanik saw the pro-Trump express as her ticket to the top and remains an obtuse acolyte in each move she makes.  

By Stefanik’s logic, Trump should have never become the nominee, let alone run again. Gaetz and Jordan both should resign and be fully prosecuted by the law.  

Both have widely reported allegations that have been brushed aside.

Some Republicans like Sen. Marsha Blackburn feigned concern for Cuomo ‘doing the right thing’ but lacked the same courage and conviction during not one but two impeachment trials.  

When the Cuomo news first broke last week, Sen. Rick Perry,

Republicans live to troll the public. Where was this energy during either of Trump’s impeachment processes? 

With empty rhetoric and disinformation, they deflect and spin even when the country is in danger.  Republicans have had ample opportunity to take a real stand, whether it’s on the numerous allegations of rape, sexual assault, inappropriate behavior, and comments by the former president.

The right-wing National Review had the audacity to call out Cuomo’s arrogance as his downfall yet mums the word on the Donald.

It’s not a race to the bottom. But when it comes to extreme abuses of power, misuse of political office, and creating a culture of retaliation and fear, Trump has Cuomo beat by a longshot.  

Do folks not have an internal gut check? 

It’s also quite rich that some of the same people who spread election disinformation and inflammatory rhetoric encouraging the Capitol attack are running their mouths. Would you talk about what leadership needs to happen in any scenario? 

If ever there were a moment for Republicans to listen and learn, that moment is now. Save some of that energy for folks like Gov. Ron DeSantis threatening people who dare to take action to protect the public health and well-being of public school students, teachers, and other staff.  

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