O.J. Simpson Granted Parole At Hearing

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Fred Goldman, the father of Ron Goldman, says O.J. Simpson still owes his family a lot of money. In 1994, Ron was killed along with Nicole Brown in Simpson’s home. At the time, it was the biggest celebrity murder case this country has ever seen. According to TMZ, a judge has ordered Simpson to meet with Fred about his assets, properties, and other means of income. The meeting is set for September 16th, and if Simpson doesn’t show there could be a bench warrant put out for his arrest.

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In 1997, Simpson was ordered to pay the Goldman family $33.5 million after he lost a civil case for killing Ron Goldman. 10 years later, Simpson was charged with armed robbery for trying to steal back his memorabilia that was taken from him after the suit. He spent the next 11 years in prison.

After being released in 2018, the Goldman family started to notice that Simpson was able to generate some income, but they were not seeing a dime of the money. As of February 2021, O.J has reportedly only paid the Goldman family $132,000, but Simpson’s debt has ballooned due to interest rates, and now he owes the Goldman family over $70 million. According to TMZ, his attorney says Simpson will complete the court order and that this is routine in the debtor collection process.

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Simpson has recently been in the media spotlight for telling The Athletic he doesn’t travel to Los Angeles due to fear of Ron & Nicole’s real killers. “People may think this is self-serving,” said O.J,  “but I might be sitting next to whoever did it.” The speculation of if OJ did it or not has become almost folklore in many black communities, but regardless he is still paying the price almost 30 years later.


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