GarnerStyle x Fashion To Figure

Source: S5 Designs & Photography / S5 Designs & Photography

Women be shopping, women be shopping *Dave Chappelle voice*

This has to be the realest statement I never wrote because women definitely be shopping, especially plus-size women and I am among the masses.

Last week I shared details with you about the GarnerStyle x Fashion To Figure “Hotline” jeans. The “Hotline” jeans sold-out in approximately three hoursleaving a lot of curvy girls a**ed out (get it) because they weren’t able to score a pair. Luckily, I got my hands on a pair and a black bodysuit from the collection. (Thanks to my connect). I also spent my own coins and copped the “Simone” puff sleeve wrap blouse.

We all know that jeans are a fashion staple, even in plus size fashion where people complain about the lack of certain things, there is no shortage of jeans. However, these are not just any jeans.

GarnerStyle x Fashion To Figure

Source: S5 Designs & Photography / S5 Designs & Photography

The “hotline jeans” are both cute and comfortable. They’re high-rise and wide leg, which gives the jeans a luxurious vibe. What I love most about the “hotline jeans” are they are stretchable and the functional snaps allowed me to serve up a little sexy. (Thank God I didn’t skip leg day). I paired the jeans with the hot pink wrap blouse I purchased and I am sure if damn Gina was a person, it would have been me. This look was perfect, I would say that I was serving Lizzo vibes but I was a big mood before my girl Lizzo popped out.

So yeah, DJ play Drake’s “Hotline Bling” and ladies remember that fashion is nothing until you apply style.

The Garner Style “hotline tear away jeans” will run you about $65, which is modest compared to higher priced denim. If it’s still a little out of your budget, trust when I say,  they are well worth it.


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