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Women supporting women will always be a vibe.

In a clip captured by ET, SZA is seen fanning out over R&B singer Ashanti. Although Ashanti is in the middle of an interview, SZA stops to let her know just how much she loves her as an artist, and how much she has inspired her.

SZA recalled at time where she waited in line to have Ashanti sign a book. “I would wait for a million years for you, for the rest of my life. You’re so amazing,” she said. “You’ve been perfect my entire life! I don’t know what you’re doing.”

Ashanti posted the heartwarming moment to her page with a caption that read, “This was such an incredible moment last night. We don’t see enough women empowerment.. Women camaraderie… Women showing women love. The perception is that women are so “Catty”…. This genuinely made my heart smile and I can’t lie it made me a lil emotional…🥺lol… @sza you are beautiful with a beautiful soul inside and out… and your Talent is Amazing. Love u too I’m a big fan as well ❤

There are plenty of examples in the industry where putting two Black artists against each other produce great press, resulting in a media frenzy. We saw it recently when people attempted to turn Ari Lennox against Chloe Bailey because they both released music on the same day, and Chloe’s song performed better on the charts. In a simple tweet, Ari encouraged the fans not to buy into the narrative that the two are competing against each other.

Ari wasn’t here for the necessary drama, and neither were we. In fact, there’s been an influx of people shutting down that narrative and replacing it with positivity and well wishes. The act of giving artists their flowers while they’re still here simply means acknowledging and honoring a person while they’re still alive to hear it. We’ve noticed that when an artist has an untimely death, people come out the woodworks to talk about the impact they’ve had on their lives. After the passing of Nipsey Hustle and Chadwick Boseman specifically, people made it their mission to give their favorite artists their flowers while they’re still alive to receive them.

We need to see more of the Ashanti and SZA embraces, and less of the negativity.


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