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As beauty brands and stores are in full COVID-19 mode, Sephora has made an official decision to temporarily close down its North American stores.

According to a company statement, all of its U.S. and Canadian stores will shut down at 5 P.M. (EST) on March 17 until April 3. In addition, the company’s corporate staff will be working from home.

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“We have always taken our responsibility to protect the well-being of our people and community seriously. It was with that responsibility in mind that we made this decision,” said the company’s CEO Jean-André Rougeot.

“We also recognize that we are in a position to support the collective fight against COVID-19,” she continued, adding, “Following guidance from public health authorities, we understand that practicing social distancing and reducing dense public gatherings as much as possible is critically important at this time. This is truly a global effort that requires all of our participation.”

Most importantly, their employees are still being paid!

“All store employees will continue to receive their base pay for scheduled shifts for the duration of this closure. In addition, health and wellness benefits for employees who are currently enrolled will continue. And all distribution center employees will receive the same considerations should we experience any unplanned disruptions in one of our centers.”

Now that is how you take care of your workers!

In the meantime, folks aren’t mad about this shutdown:


Now self-quarantine or not, if you really need that Fenty Full Frontal Mascara, Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Foundation or your favorite Korean skincare sheet mask, you won’t have to go without. Sephora is offering free shipping from now until April 3 when you order online.

No word on whether Ulta plans to follow Sephora’s lead and shut down their stores too.

Read Sephora’s statement in its entirety here


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