Coronavirus Symptoms

Source: CDC / CDC

The coronavirus is trying to stick around for longer than anyone needs. Keep in mind the start of this coronavirus came from Wuhan, China, where originally the people of the country contracted the disease from a Bat Soup.

So how bad is COVID 19, some say worst than the flu, others think nit ad bad as the common cold. Well actually COVID 19 has a fatality rate that is 10x higher than the flu. 

The United States is doing its best as a country to help flatten the curve of COVID 19. The curve is shown on a graph how fast the virus has spread in a matter of time, and how flat is can be if we are able to get the virus contained.

What are the best practices to doing YOUR part?

Take heed to school closures, and if you can work form home

Constantly wash your hands

Stay Indoors, if you have to go out stay 6 feet away from people, do not attend events

Do Not touch your face

Cancel vacation travel, cancel weddings etc

If you feel sick stay home, order ahead from your grocery store

If you are 60 or older stay home.

MORE Mitigation Options


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