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At this point, nearly everyone on the planet has been impacted by the coronavirus.

While folks are out there rocking masks and hazard suits and buying up all the hand sanitizer and Lysol, the best way to protect yourself is by staying in your house and washing your hands…and doing so for 20 seconds.

And if you need a reminder, here’s our favorite Emmy winner Billy Porter, giving us a WHO tutorial in a COACH FUR COAT!

“Hey y’all! You gotta wash your hands, kids! Follow the @who guidelines and spend 40-60 seconds scrubbing off all those germs with soap and water. 🧼🦠,” the Emmy winner wrote on Instagram on Monday (March 16).

He added, “Also, practice social distancing and keep your little asses at home so we can stop this virus and get back to living! I love you all! Stay safe, stay healthy, and I’ll see you soon! #SafeHands #COVID19″

Just slay that sink sir!



We’re also loving this new trend of celebs (and their kids) giving handwashing tutorials to remind us of the importance of lathering up.

Just the other day it was Kaavia Union Wade’s turn:

Late last week it was Mariah Carey and “dem babies” Monroe and Moroccan:



While videos like these are can put a smile on our faces, it’s important to take note the coronavirus is not a game. According to NBC News, as of March 18, the coronavirus is on a world pandemic level with more than 200,000 people infected and the virus killing more than 8,000 people, including 112 in the U.S.

That, it’s responsible for shutting down travel across the world, closing borders canceling the NBA, Met Gala and countless festivals and conferences, along with forcing employers to implement work from home policies and ripping apart our economy.

So please, continue to stay inside, be safe and ONLY leave the house if it’s absolutely necessary. That, and listen to Billy and them: Keep washing dem hands, you hear?

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