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Source: Ambitious Shooters / Ambitious Shooters

Finding the perfect nude lipstick or lip gloss has been a long struggle of mine. Whenever I’d give one a try, it’d either give my lips an ashy look, or just wouldn’t work with my skin tone. After a while, I figured it’d be easier to just use a brown lip liner and finish it with a sheer or lightly tinted gloss.

I used Fenty’s Gloss Bomb for a while and I really enjoyed the coverage, but I really needed additional options for my nude lip needs. As a brown skinned woman, I love that nudes can have such a wide range for me. From dark browns to muted pinks, there is no limit to what I could classify as a nude lippie for my skin tone. I was determined to find some additional options.

Beauty Blogger Ashley Strong recently collaborated with Morphe to bring us a beauty collection that is hyper focused on good vibes, zen, and the power of manifestation. Looks like I manifested a few nude lip gloss options because Morphe gifted me the Affirmation Magic Artistry Palette, along with the Alignment Cake Liner Palette and the Tourmaline Soul & Gilded Spirit Lip Duo which includes two shades of lip gloss and lip pencils.

Marsha b

Source: Marsha B. / Marsha B.

I was immediately drawn to the Tourmaline Soul gloss and matching lip liner ($12.00, The muted pink tint gave my lips a seamless finish that I loved. There was enough pigment in the gloss that it gave my lips a gorgeous nude shade that highlighted my melanin.

Marsha b

Source: Ambitious Shooters / Ambitious Shooters

You should never have just one nude lipstick or lip gloss. With such a wide range of shades, each nude can speak to a different vibe or mood. The Tourmaline Soul lip liner gloss duo gave me “around the way” girl vibes; large hoops; long ponytail; nude lips. It’s definitely a mood!

You can check out the Morphe x Ashley Strong collection via their website.


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