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Sage Steele—the ESPN commentator and sunken place occupant whose name sounds like an AXE deodorant scent—apparently didn’t think it was shameful enough to be in the club of celebrity negroes who say anti-Black things then whine about how Black people don’t like them, so she also decided to join the celebrity anti-vaxxer club.

According to USA Today, Steele recently made an appearance on “Uncut with Jay Cutler” podcast where the Candace Owens of the sports world took a shot at her job for making her get the shot.

“I work for a company that mandates it and I had until September 30th to get it done or I’m out,” Steele said. “I respect everyone’s decision, I really do, but to mandate it is sick and it’s scary to me in many ways. I just, I’m not surprised it got to this point, especially with Disney, I mean a global company like that.”

Listen: I’m not one to tell anyone of any profession to “shut up and dribble” rather than speak on issues that fall outside their immediate area of expertise, but when you find yourself calling something “sick” that actually prevents people from getting sick—I don’t know…maybe stick to sports, sis’.

Unfortunately, it needs to be explained over and over again that a person’s individual right to be hard-headed and refuse the vaccine does not supersede an employer’s right to protect the rest of their staff by requiring personnel to be vaccinated. It’s not about you and your personal choice when said choice has the potential to affect everyone you come in contact with.

If a person is so willing to die (possibly literally) on the anti-vaxx hill rather than respect their employer’s policy, then they can simply quit. Of course, as we previously reported, most anti-vaxxers who talk a big, “but, but, but muh’ freedoms” game and threaten to quit their jobs actually don’t quit and inevitably get the shot.

Steele is no different as she did admit she is now vaccinated, although she said it isn’t something she wanted.

I mean, a lot of us never wanted to hear her opinion on literally anything, but such is life, sis’such is life.


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