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Thanks to the coronavirus epidemic, next to toilet paper and disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer is basically sold out in stores. And sadly, folks have been hoarding it and selling it for almost four times its actual price!


But before you start stressing, it’s OK. We got you. There are plenty of ways to make sanitizer DIY-style! Depending on what you have at home, we found three videos that will help you protect your family against the virus and put your mind at ease.

First up: Coupon with Star who uses 2/3 cup rubbing alcohol of at least 70% alcohol concentration and 1/3 cup Aloe Vera:

Here’s Auntie Coo Coo:


Here’s Dr. Ian Smith on The Rachel Ray Show with his own recipe:

Now, like the WHO, Dr. Smith also stresses that while hand sanitizer can help, the best way to protect yourself is with good old fashion soap and water.

“The CDC says it’s 20 seconds, it could be up to 30 seconds.”

For those who still don’t believe this as serious as they say, let us break it down.

After shutting down travel across the world, canceling the NBA and countless festivals and conferences, forcing employers to implement work from home policies and ripping apart our economy, coronavirus is not a game. According to, as of March 20, the coronavirus is on a world pandemic level with more than 255,000 people infected (14,350 in the U.S.) and the virus killing nearly 10,500 people worldwide, including more than 217 in the U.S.

It’s important to continue to stay inside, be safe and ONLY leave the house if it’s absolutely necessary. That, and keep washing and moisturizing your hands.

Stay safe BEAUTIES!

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