Governor of California Gavin Newsom at the opening game of the NBA season between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Los Angeles Lakers at the Staples Center

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California’s Governor is the 1st to make an unprecedented order. Mayor Gavin Newsom issued an order yesterday (March 19th) for state residents to stay at home indefinitely because of the coronavirus pandemic, the first such statewide order.

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According to PulseofRadio,  Newsom said his state’s 40 million people should only go outside their homes for essential jobs, to buy food and other necessities, and for exercise, saying it’s “necessary” because the crisis threatens to overwhelm the state’s medical system. His announcement came after the release of letter from Newsom to President Trump in which he said the virus could infect more than half of the state’s population in the next eight weeks. The order also came after counties and communities the cover about half of the state’s residents have already issued similar orders.


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