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It’s no secret that Halle Berry’s Instagram account is a glorious thing!

Since she got hip to social media, the Oscar winner, who is usually private, has used the ‘Gram to let us in a little…and we’re grateful for it! From her fashion, those amazing vacations and her Fitness Fridays, sis is a source of inspiration, glamour and even jealousy. (Every time we see the 53-year-old’s abs, we get six-pack envy.)

Of course, thanks to the coronavirus, Halle, like the rest of is quarantined, and lucky for us, she’s spilling all the tea on her at-home skincare routine.

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On Friday (March 20) the Bruised director and actress thanked her fans for practicing social-distancing and stressed that in times like these, self-care is necessary.

“To all those practicing #SocialDistancing, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the duty you are serving to your community. Things have been especially crazy, and self-care is an absolute essential right now,” she wrote.

“So today, I’m doing something I’ve never really done before, especially for you – I’ll be sharing my 4 step at-home facial routine. Hope that y’all can participate and really enjoy that extra time to comfort and pamper yourself. You absolutely deserve it,” the mother of two added.



In an accompanying video, Halle explains that because her trainer Peter Lee Thomas, her “spirit animal”  is home quarantined, she is going to use her Fitness Fridays to talk about skin-care. She opens up talking about how she “loves a good facial” and that skin-care has been part of her regime since she was 16.

“I do it twice a day, religiously and never miss a day,” she admits.

Her first step is cleansing, which she rubs in rigorously and does twice a day, she says. In addition, she even uses a cleansing brush to help. Her second step is exfoliation, one of my favorite skin steps. And while Halle can afford all the $400 creams, her scrub is pretty affordable.

Enter: Ole Henriksen Pore-Balance Facial Sauna Scrub ($29).

“It’s very eucalyptus-y, and you feel like these little grains — it feels like sand — you know, with attacking all this dry, dead skin and sort of sloughing that off,” Berry says in a video, adding, “You do it until you feel like all that dead skin is gone bye-bye.”

As Allure pointed out, after “she applies it to her ‘completely dry’ skin, but the brand recommends using it on damp skin — an especially good idea if you’re prone to irritation.”

“It’s one of my favorite, favorite ones that I’ve used for a very long time,” Berry continues, holding up the green bottle. “I’ve tried lots of them over the years, and consistently, this stays my favorite.”

After she exfoliates, she does a mask and a moisturizer to end her facial.

“Enjoy your quarantine time to the best of your ability, use it to do things you normally don’t do because you’re busy. Love your family, do yoga, read a book, meditate and by all means, have a happy Fitness Friday,” she concludes.

Take a look: 



So here’s the deets on that scrub: This sauna-like exfoliator that heats and cools is a best-seller for the Scandinavian-based Ole Henrikson.

Made from volcanic sand, Green Fusion Complex™, and neem seed oil, its goals are to combat oiliness, refine your skin’s texture and help minimize the look of your pores (my biggest problem). Let them tell it, it’s a “powerful blend of AHAs—glycolic and lactic acids—helps lift and loosen dead skin cells.” This is perfect for folks who have oily or combination skin.

Even better: For those that are green-conscious, Ole’s scrub has the “Clean at Sephora’s” stamp of approval, which means the product is made without sulfates, parabens, SLS and SLES, mineral oils and more.



Now: If $28 is a little steep for your budget, no worries. Here are some popular and effective facial scrubs that are $10 and under:

Acute Brightening Facial Scrub ($9.99): I got this in an Allure beauty box a few months ago and have been using a lot in the past few weeks. I love it! It leaves my skin, clean, smooth and prepped for the rest of my skin-care products.

Coconut Sugar Facial Scrub ($6.29): For those who want to smell like the Islands, this is for you! Also for those concerned with chemicals, this scrub is made from  100% natural exfoliants.

E.L.F Gentle Peeling Exfoliant ($10): For those who love the effect of scrubs, but not the granules, this peeling exfoliant if perfect for you. That, and it’s perfect for sensitive skin.

***TIP: Make sure that after you use a scrub you follow up with a good moisturizer and a SPF higher than 15. Yes, Black women need SPF too!

Alright, ladies to get to scrubbing!

BEAUTIES: How are you practicing skincare self-care while social distancing?


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