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Marie Driven was inspired to raise awareness around domestic violence after a personal incident left her feeling “helpless and confused.” The popular PR agent and co-founder of Playbook Media Group, whose client list includes names like international star Spice and travel influencer Tanyka Renee, used her platform and resources to launch the Driven Against Domestic Violence Campaign. While healing, Marie started taking boxing lessons.

“I wanted to train women on protecting themselves. While planning these classes, I produced my own branded boxing gloves, “I Fight Back” around the campaign,” she explained.

Marie Driven Boxing Gloves

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Opening up about the incident that sparked her newfound passion, she revealed, “My ex-boyfriend physically abused me. He started getting disrespectful after his conversation with the mother of his child, and when I tried to stick up for myself, he got physical. Things spiraled and my family and friends had to get involved. My sister called the cops.”

After the physical incident, Marie began working to strengthen herself “physically and mentally,” she decided to hep other women. “who are afraid to speak out.” She wanted to encourage other women “to speak up as well” and to be aware of the red flags. “Domestic violence comes in multiple forms, and it starts with mental abuse then trickles down to physical abuse.”

While doing boxing lessons, Marie teamed up with personal trainer Seguy Narcisse, who she calls a “blessing.” “I was truly lost, and the only way I snapped back to reality was working out every day. After my DV issue, working out was the only thing that helped me feel good about myself. The biggest lesson I’ve learned working with other women who have suffered from DV is understanding What they have been through and don’t be judgmental.”

Marie’s advice for anyone out there experiencing domestic violence, “Find someone you trust and let it out. I’m building a sister network where women can be comfortable venting without feeling Embarrassed about their past or present. Anyone interested can reach me on my social media @MarieDriven or email”


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