I wasn’t a fan of Tik Tok before the quarantine, it’s been a few weeks and it’s starting to look like HBO. The coronavirus wrecked havoc across the world and we might be social-distancing but that doesn’t including congregating on social media. Tik Tok and Instagram Live have been providing us with nonstop laughs as we’ve seen a surplus in Tik Tok challenges. That combined with a surge of people’s creativity have equated to gold.

While some challenges can be completed with just one person, some challenges require a side kick and who better than your man or girlfriend to help you bring to life some really sharable content. Lol.

This couple’s #smoothcriminal Tik Tok went viral when it showed off just how strong her wig glue is!


The duo is better known as the “Power Couple” or The Mckoys on social media and their Tik Tok page @RicheyRolex is full of funny gems. They also have a clothing line, powercoupleco.com.


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