Kevin Maxson Harrisburg

Source: Abc27 Harrisburg / abc27

A Black activist in Swatara Township, Pennsylvania, was reportedly beaten Friday by angry white people in a bar’s parking lot while he was waiting on his white friend to be picked up. He called the attack racially motivated saying he’s known around the Harrisburg area as an anti-racism activist and that the group of maybe a dozen melanin-redacted men surrounded the two men and started slinging slurs around before engaging in the violent attack.

“A group of maybe 11 to 13 men surrounded us and started yelling racial slurs and telling him he was a traitor and started assaulting us,” Kevin Maxson told ABC 7 of the incident that reportedly took place in front of the Roadhouse Cafe Bar and Grill.

He also said that he “never expected when I go out that night that it could’ve been a possibility I wouldn’t have made it home.”

Fortunately, both Maxson and his white friend survived what sounded like the prelude to a 1950’s lynching of a Black man and his “n****r-loving” friend. Maxson said he tried to deescalate things by talking it out with one of his alleged assailants, but since white rage will always be loud enough to drown out reason, he was unsuccessful.

“I told him, ‘Listen, we didn’t want no trouble,’” he said. “‘I’m trying to make sure my friend gets home safely. I don’t know ya’ll. I don’t have no gripes or agenda with y’all.’”

But Maxson was still reportedly left “badly cut and bruised,” ABC reported, after attempting to fend his attackers off.

“They told us they were Pagans Biker Club,” he said. “They were from the West Virginia area and they migrated up here.”

According to ABC, the police eventually arrived at the scene and arrested the few accused attackers who were still lingering around the parking lot. It’s unclear how many were arrested or what, if anything, they were charged with, but Maxson reportedly also alerted the Attorney General’s office and Swatara Township commissioners to what happened.

“I’m not angry. I’m not thinking about lashing out or retaliating. I just want something to be done,” Maxson said. “I want the community leaders, I want the politicians, I want law enforcement to actually be more proactive in this approach before it snowballs and it turns into a bigger issue.”


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