HBO's Final Season Premiere Of "Insecure"

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If you’re a fan of Insecure, last week’s polarizing “Pressure, Okay?!” episode probably p*ssed you off. Either you sided with Condola, because you too have been an exhausted new mother; or you’re #LawrenceHive, which explains enough; or you hold them both responsible because: adult decisions.

Condola and Lawrence’s situationship is triggering for many reasons, which made it a top trending topic after the episode aired. Condola, played by Christina Elmore, was at the center of criticism for how she’s handling her co-parenting relationship with Lawrence. According to Christina, she was surprised Condola received so much backlash after the episode.

“I didn’t expect that,” she said when asked about the episode. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me, why I’m so naive. I was like, people will see that Condola’s trying. I just really knew that after this episode they would be like, ‘Oh, see, look at her, she’s doing her best.’ And they still hate her.”

Hate is a strong word, but being an Insecure fan comes with visceral reactions. I shamelessely admit, I’m halfway between how dare Lawrence give the baby his first solid foods off a snack table and birth control could have prevented this all — in other words, totally invested. As mothers we share a quick laugh about mothers losing sleep and the fathers who swoop in on the weekend and expect to be praised.

“I was like did y’all see that he was in bed with a whole entire woman, while [Condola] was sitting on the toilet. I was like, did y’all miss that?” She added.

Christina is a mother of two. Coincidentally she happened to be pregnant while the show was airing. “I was pregnant when we were filming the finale. So we just happened to be on a similar timeline.” That timeline carried over onto her and her character’s postpartum storyline. “We were able to be on one accord in terms of, my boobs were leaking, so her boobs were leaking; my belly was still hanging out so her belly was still hanging out.”

The hardworking mother of two also stars on BET’s Twenties. Somehow, she managed to film two shows that are airing at the same time. Something she doesn’t take for granted as a Black woman in a society that often pushes women to the side after pregnancy. She hasn’t sacrificed her personal life for on-screen success.

“I made a decision from the start of my career that I would always prioritize my real life first. I think I’m a better actor because I have a full rich home life. And I think that the opportunities that come my way, I’m not willing to take the chance of saying I’m going to push aside what I want to do in my personal real life, for the sake of some possibilities. It’s just really been important to me that my life is as full and rich and wonderful so that when I am working, I have that. And, but also for the times that I’m not working, I, I have this wonderful life that I’m living.”

Catch Christina Elmore on HBO’s Insecure and BET’s Twenties.

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