Nya Sigin

Source: CNN / Nya Sigin

Minnesota Police are investigating students at Prior Lake High School in Savage, Minnesota after a racist video about a 14-year-old black girl went viral on social media.

The 57-second hateful rant was targeted at Nya Sigin by a young girl who had known Nya since she was in Elementary school.

“I really couldn’t comprehend what I was listening to, it was just a wave of different emotions,” Nya said in an interview with CNN. “I was angry, I was disgusted, I was sad, I was confused.”

In the clip, the young white girl said no one likes N***ers and that Nya should “[expletive] kill yourself right this time.”

She also attacked Nya’s mental health in the video saying, “Cut deep enough this time, or f-cking tie the rope higher. Like, what the f-ck.”

The girl also recorded herself attacking a pillow that had the N-word written on it.

Nya, who suffers from depression and anxiety was recently released from an inpatient hospital due to her continuing battle with a mental health issue. After she was released, another video started circulating school.

Superintendent Dr. Teri Stalock said an investigation into the students is ongoing and that the school remains focused on providing safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environments for all students.

The Savage Police Department is also investigating the incident. According to Minnesota law, it is illegal to encourage someone to commit suicide. According to the US Government, when bullying based on race or ethnicity is severe, pervasive, or persistent it may be considered harassment, which is covered under federal civil rights laws.

Lee Hutton, an experienced Minnesota trial attorney told that he could see criminal charges in this case and it could rise to the level of a hate crime.

“Minnesota has one of the leading cases with regard to encouraging incitement of individual suicide. Number one, you have a person of a protected class — an African American. Number two, you have conducted or at least communication that touches that individual because of their race, and then you have a violation of a criminal statute. So yes, I do believe that all the elements were checked,” said Hutton.


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