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Halle Berry, who’s preparing for her upcoming directorial debut in the film Bruised, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! yesterday where she promoted the film and doubled down on her love for Cardi B, standing by a comment she made last week during a Bruised press run where she called the rapper the “the queen of hip-hop,” which you can imagine made some Nicki Minaj fans pretty upset.

“Did you see what happened after you called Cardi B the queen of hip hop on Twitter? The Nicki Minaj fans got really mad at you” Jimmy Kimmel asked during the interview. “Do you stand by that assessment of Cardi B as the queen of hip hop?

The actress then replied, “You know I do. But here’s the thing, there’s room for more than one queen people.”

Check out the exchange below.


Berry collaborated with the Invasion of Privacy artist on the soundtrack for the film Bruised and originally called the rapper her “partner in crime” on the collaboration, a moment that was captured in a clip that has since gone viral. “I want to say thank you today to Cardi B, she was my partner in crime,” the actress told the audience at the event. “I reached out to her. Of course, she’s the queen of hip hop. I reached out to Cardi and we paired and we created a soundtrack and an album that is not only historic but that is a beautiful backdrop to the story.”

Check out the original statement below.

Cardi even jumped in on the conversation, calling the whole conversation of putting the two rappers against each other, “childish”. She tweeted, “I know how some of you girls like to tussle over this typa childish sh**… but ntm on Halle Berry. Anyway her movie #BRUISED dropping THAT SHE DIRECTED HERSELF on Netflix on November 24th. The FIRST female rap movie soundtrack!! we produced together out this FRIDAY!”

That leaves us with the question, can there be more than one queen of hip hop?

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