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B. Simone just showed the ultimate display of sibling love! The comedian recently did the big chop in support of her sister, Jordyn, who has been battling a condition called TSW (Topical Steroid Withdrawal) for the past year in order and we couldn’t be more inspired.

According to, TSW refers to a rare adverse reaction relating to the use of a topical steroid after it has been discontinued. This reaction can occur after prolonged, inappropriate, and/or frequent use/abuse of moderate- to high-potency topical corticosteroids. Taking to Instagram, B. Simone, whose real name is Braelyn Simone, shared her sister’s condition with followers, explaining that part of her sister’s healing was to cut off her own hair to make things easier for her, and B.Simone wanted to go through that healing with her sis by doing the big chop on her own.

“I did the big chop in the name of love,” Simone wrote on Instagram along with the video of her big chop. “❤ I love you baby @jordyngenevie and as long as I’m living you’ll never go through anything alone. She had to cut her hair because she physically couldn’t take care of it anymore. My sister loved her hair and I hate that she had to cut it off but there’s so much healing in this. Jordyn, I can’t physically go through TSW with you but we can start this beautiful healing journey together. What better way to start off and to cut off the dead weight. I’m so proud of you and nobody understands what you’ve been going through for the past year. I see you fight every single day and you look more beautiful to me now than ever. It’s just hair, keep focusing on your spirit. I love you from the bottom of my heart to the depths of my soul.

I’ve never felt more beautiful and free. Thank you to my sister for giving me the courage to cut my hair while loving her.”

Check out the sweet video below.


Now that B. Simone officially has a fresh baldie, she’s trying out different looks with her brand new style. In an Instagram post today, the 31-year-old shared a stunning picture of her latest and it looks like she’s dyed the fresh-cut platinum blonde, added a few fingers waves, and incorporated a sexy side part. She debuted the new look rocking a bright, bold red lip, oversized black shades, and an all-black ensemble featuring a low cut crop top, high waisted pants, and a black and gold bomber jacket. “I’ve never felt so beautiful 🤍, ” she captioned the photo, and she’s right, she looks gorgeous! Check out the fly look below. 

Here’s another angle of the stunning look as posted on B. Simone’s Instagram page today.

We’re loving this new style on the social media personality! And the best part is that she did it all for love.


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