Tessa Thompson Covers Ebony's December Issue

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Tessa Thompson looks absolutely graceful as she covers the December/January Issue of Ebony Magazine.  Inside the magazine, the actress poses in fabulous fashions and discusses what attracted her to her latest role in the film Passing, the issues of colorism and light-skinned privilege in Hollywood, and how she plans to contribute to Black storytelling through her production company – Viva Maude.

On the cover and in the magazine, Thompson sports threads from innovative, fresh designers such as Christian Siriano, Cong Tri, and HARBISON. Her longtime styling team, Wayman + Micah, are also interviewed in this issue as they discuss the inspiration behind Thompson’s shoot and how crucial it is to include Black designers in their work.

Thompson is passionate about representing Black women in various lights. Her reason for choosing the roles in the Netflix film Passing was to simply play a part that not many black women get to play in Hollywood. In the interview she stated, “Getting to watch a woman unravel, getting to watch that on-screen…I don’t think that Black women are allowed to exist in narratives like that very often. I just don’t think that Hollywood affords Black women the opportunity to do that very often.”

Thompson is aware of the limitations as a Black actress in Hollywood. She is not blind to the colorism that plagues this industry and admits that she is extended more grace than other Black actresses due to her skin color. “I’ve been able to play a lot of very different characters I’m not sure women who came before me—who I stand on the shoulders of—would have been able to. I’ve had the opportunity to really understand and unpack my own measure of privilege inside of the industry, and as someone who hopes to be a changemaker, [I’ve asked myself,] How do I contend with that? What do I do?” remarks Thompson.

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