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In today’s episode of Karen Thug Life, a Corpus Christi, Texas, woman has been arrested after she was caught on video pulling her gun on someone during a dispute over a parking spot.  Naturally, people are going to get the urge to refer to this one as “Parking Lot Karen,” but maybe  “Karen” isn’t the right term for a woman like this. Maybe it’s time we stop giving cutsie names to white women (or white-adjacent women) who prove themselves to be violent and dangerous. Besides, most Karens tend to get the police to do their gun pulling for them.

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Anyway, according to News 4 San Antonio, 60-year-old Rossie Dennis has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon following the November 24, incident in which she got into an argument over an H-E-B parking spot in Annaville. The argument reportedly ended in Dennis going full O Dog from Menace II Society and pulling her gun on the other driver because Karen-like entitlement told her the spot was hers. 

The Corpus Christi Police Department hasn’t identified the victims in the altercation, but a Reddit post that included screenshots of the video claimed the victims were a woman and her six-month-old child. The video those screenshots were taken from was the only reason Dennis was identified and arrested four days after the incident.

Take a look at the tweet below:

According to MySA, CCPD  officers said that when they arrived at the scene, Dennis had already left, but witnesses told them she pointed her gun at the victims and threatened to shoot them if they didn’t yield to her demands and give her the parking space. The video was taken by the woman driving the other vehicle and investigators used it to make their positive ID on the Karen-esque gangster who was making the streets unsafe.

Dennis has been transferred to the City Detention Center for processing and her bond is set for $60,000.


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