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We all know Rihanna has a wide appreciation for marijuana. She’s been spied lighting up on balconies, at the beach, in the studio, during glam time, and just about anywhere you’re allowed to spark a blunt (and even places you are not). So when a Fenty Beauty customer showed off the innovative way that she stores her weed, the brand considered it genius. Via a post to social media, @cakefacecutie tweeted a photo of an empty powder container with the caption, “Rihduce Riuse Rihcycle.” Clever!

One day later, the beauty brand saw the tweet and replied. “1) this is genius 2) how much setting powder are you using lmaoooo.” In another tweet to the customer they said, “Anyway send us a DM! We’ll happily send ya another

Clearly Fenty Beauty was tickled by this level of creativity. They later reposted the tweet with the caption, “When your PRO FILT’R SETTING POWDER is multipurpose #Rihcycle“. I mean, come on. The play on words is such great marketing that the brand should trademark these terms, after they pay the Fenty Beauty customer for creating them.

There is no doubt in my mind that Rihanna approves of the new usage of her product packaging. I’m almost positive that she may even begin to store her weed in her powder jars. Honestly, I’m surprised Rihanna hasn’t jumped on the Marijuana business train. Tons of celebrities have explored business ventures in the cannabis field. As she continues to expand her empire, I anticipate weed making it into the Fenty brand. She might as well capitalize off of what she loves!

I’m sure the interaction between @cakefacecutie and Fenty Beauty made her an even bigger fan of the brand. It was amusing to see them so taken by the way she RIcycles the containers after usage. I think I’ll think twice before disposing my beauty jars.


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