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It’s Labor Day Weekend – many of us are chasing the last of summer. Before kids go back to school or Summer Fridays come to an end, Black women are jetting off for some last minute vacations. If the vacation involves water, whether it’s a yacht week or a beach, when discussing the trip, this follow up question ensues: how should I wear my hair?

As someone that loves the water, I want to be able to dunk my head freely underneath and jump off the side of a boat. While wearing my hair natural is always an option. Honestly, it’s an absolute pain at the end of the day, to then have to go give it 1-2 hours of TLC. Also, who wants to be twisting or braiding their hair while on a vacation?

I’ve had friends rock ponytails and crotchet. Both options by the end of a 4-5 day vacation would “hold up” but it would be matted and immediately time to come out. Felicia Leatherwood stopped by Hello Beautiful and ended the debate, “Wear your hair in braids or crotchet.” Braids are easy to manage and can easily air dry. When your hair is braided after you are at the sea of the pool, make sure you rinse your braids with fresh water. Then tie down the top and let air dry. You can even do this after you are done swimming at the pool and still lay out during the day.

To make sure the braids themselves don’t frizz, bring along the mousse of your choice. Take the mousse and rub it between your hands, then rub your braids once in a downward direction, letting the mousse coat the braids. The mousse will give the braids a nice refresh.

Also, in a protective style, don’t forget your scalp! Make sure you cleanse and oil your scalp to keep your roots healthy. Leatherwood shared, “On your scalp you need oil. It’s nourishment. It’s revitalizing the scalp on a cellular level. It’s helpful to produce more sebum.”

How do you rock your hair when you are on a beach vacation? Share with us in the comment section!


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