Danielle James

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There is nothing like a bold, red lipstick. It takes any look up a notch and exudes sex appeal with a few simple swipes onto your lips. However, of course, something so beautiful and alluring couldn’t come with a few problems. Red lipstick seems to be one of those colors that never just stays on your lips. So, when Megan thee Stallion announced it was a hot girl summer, how can you have a summer beauty slay without red?

Danielle James

Source: Danielle James / Courtesy of Danielle James

With all white parties and men to be kissed, every hot girl needs a red lipstick in her arsenal. One that she doesn’t have to constantly check up on. One that won’t end up under her bottom lip or daringly dance outside the constraints of her lip line. A red lipstick she can eat a solid meal and not end up wearing it by the end. A red lipstick that she can apply in the morning, have a cup of coffee, give a kiss to her partner and still have it look freshly applied by her first meeting of the day.

It’s possible. You deserve this hot girl, no matter your morning (or night) routine.

So imagine my surprise (and happiness) when I stumbled upon a such lipstick. I finally got a chance to learn more about Deck of Scarlet at BeautyCon 2019. This company began in 2016 and is the sister company to Scentbird, a fragrance company. It’s a beauty subscription model, releasing palettes to their subscribers bi-monthly. The company has been around since 2016 and is known for providing you with consistently fresh makeup and beauty tutorials to help you create the looks.

Not into the whole subscription model thing? No worries – they also allow you to shop the makeup on the website as well.

They have a beautiful red lipstick in ‘Siren’ ($23.00, and when I tried it out, I was instantly in love. The formula applied smooth and the pigment not only matched the website, but also the packaging.

I tried this lipstick out on two different occasions and both results were the same: the lipstick held up. The interesting thing is that Deck of Scarlet doesn’t even advertise this magic, which made it feel like a beauty secret I needed to share.

For the best results with matte red lipstick, I recommend a few things:

Before wearing any red, I exfoliate your lips the night before, especially if it’s a matte formula. Matte formulas tend to accentuate any dead skin on the lips.

Prep your lips with a lip primer (but do NOT apply an lip gloss or balm) – with a matte lipstick, it will cause the lipstick to shift no matter how great the wear is on a matte formula. A lip primer can be professional like, Lip Insurance Lip Liner ($20.00, or something as simple as the concealer you use for the under eye area.

Now back to the experience.

I wore it one Friday summer night and was shockingly surprised by the end of the night. So surprised, I took this horrible photo in the elevator but have to share anyway. I quickly applied this lipstick before I left the house, drank rosé, ate dinner, had a little makeout sesh (hey, we said it was a hot girl summer and this hot girl is single) and went home! When I saw my lipstick was STILL and only feathered slightly. I was like, ‘alert to all hot girls!’.

Danielle James

Source: Brande Victorian / Courtesy of Danielle James

I tried this lipstick again for work and was so impressed. I even wore it with a white shirt because I was that confident about not worrying that it would transfer. The lipstick lasted all day and I got lost of compliments at work. I also noticed that it makes your teeth look whiter, meaning it most likely has cool undertones.

The lipstick led me to try out one of their eyeshadow palettes. I tried ‘Destination Desert’ ($44.95, I’m going to try it again, because I didn’t find it heavily pigmented and I used a primer to help bring out the color. I’m going to try it again; however, I’m going to dampen my applicator to help the color come out more.

If you try out this, please tag me @TheIslanDiva on Instagram or Twitter and let me know your experience!


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